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Uh oh...
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Well, for all that I regretted not going jogging yesterday in the rain, today when I looked out the window I saw combination hail/sleet. And I thought: Uh oh, because I had promised myself to be tough in the face of weather.

Luckily, my jogging buddy couldn't make it. Whew!

Maybe I am not so tough in the face of weather. Maybe I am just a little tiny bit less wimpy about it than I used to be. I could probably live with that.

I just finished reading Guy Gavriel Kay's Last Light of the Sun, which absolutely blew me away. It also made me desperately want to re-watch the first disc of Simon Schama's A History of Britain, because the book is based on the ninth-century (??????--see, this is why I need to see the documentary again!) triad of British cultures, and several things in it felt so familiar that I knew they'd been taken from real historical figures--and I couldn't remember who they were! Terribly frustrating for a history geek like me, but all part of a hugely enjoyable book. If you love historical fantasy, go now!--and check it out! I didn't always like Guy Gavriel's Kay's novels--I couldn't get into A Song for Arbonne or Tigana--but I liked The Lions of Al-Rassan and I absolutely loved Sailing to Sarantium and its followup, Lord of Emperors. (And both of those taught me so much as a writer about how to handle a large cast of characters across a single book.)

Now it's time to think about breakfast and...maybe...finally writing that next review for Interzone! Later today I'll get back to work on Chapter Seven of my own novel, in which my protagonists confront, threaten and waltz with each other in a masked ball at the Hofburg Palace. It is making me veryvery happy. :)

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