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I am so, so glad it's Friday. Between various nasty financial surprises, small irritations (like having to get the much-later bus home two days in a row because of forgetting things I'd left in the office) and other stuff too small (yet still annoying) to even bother mentioning, this has been a pretty crappy week. It's the August Bank Holiday weekend in England, though, which means that Monday is a national holiday. Tonight we're setting off in the car, the moment I get home, to spend the long weekend relaxing outside Bristol. If the weather holds out, there'll be lots of reading outside in the garden, while petting Nika...I've brought along borrowed copies of Kelly Link's Magic for Beginners and Justine Larbalestier's Magic or Madness, and I can't wait to read them both...and take serious time to work on my own novel, for more than 40 minutes at a stretch!

I'm off to go jogging in just a moment, so I'd better wrap it up here. Happy weekend, though, everybody, and I hope it's really relaxing for everybody!

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