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Things I love about Madison
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  • Jamba Juice: especially Strawberries Wild. Strawberries, bananas, apple-strawberry juice, yogurt....Mmmmmmmmm. So much goodness. I've had one per day, so far.

  • Avol's Books: possibly my favorite used bookstore in the world, which is saying a lot. I just love a bookstore that actually has to post maps to direct people to all the different rooms and categories. What's not to love?

  • Chin's Restaurant: and in particular the cheese puffs. Ohhhhh...

  • Karen M's house: those bookshelves. Oh my God. I could just move in right now. (But don't worry, Karen. I won't!)

  • We all did the writing workshop yesterday, which was great. Scary (oh God, so many things to work on!) but great. Then the Wiscon reception at A Room of One's Own (the feminist bookshop, natch), where we got to hear Jane Yolen and Kate Wilhelm read, which was an amazing experience, and then fantastic Laotian food and good company for the rest of the evening. Man, I love Wiscon.

    Today's our one day without participating in any panels or readings ourselves, which means it's just completely relaxing fun. I'm planning to spend much of the afternoon wandering through the Dealer's Room, ogling things and pointing them out to Patrick and Ben (since my birthday's on Sunday, while we're still here). Oh yeah, and practicing our readings for tomorrow night. Woot!

    Plus we'll be going to readings by Caroline Stevermer and other cool people, meeting up with Jenn and Sarah later I hope, and I'll be seeing my awesome youngest brother today too, for the first time in a year!

    My cup runneth over.

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