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Wiscon, Haiku, Mmm
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Oh, how I loved Wiscon. Surprise. :) It was just so great to get to meet up with so many amazing people and talk about the ideas I care about most in the world. And I am still blissed out from getting to be on a panel with Emma Bull and Nina Kiriki Hoffman, with Lois McMaster Bujold in the audience...and finding out that all three of them love Georgette Heyer too! I felt total fan-girl joy. And after meeting Lyda Morehouse on that panel, I asked for her new book (under the name Tate Hallaway), Tall, Dark and Dead, as one of my birthday presents. In person, she was hilarious, kind and smart, and her book looks great. I'm saving it and Carrie Vaughan's Kitty & the Midnight Hour to be my plane trip books on Friday.

It was such an honor and a pleasure and a total kick to do a reading with Jenn Reese and Sarah Prineas and Patrick. I got to be part of a reading that felt like so much fun to me, where I honestly loved everything that everybody else had written. It was such a better experience than last year, when I was part of a randomly-selected group without much in common. Thank you guys for making this year so much fun! :)

And at the end of Saturday night, I was enormously proud of myself for managing to earn a pair of earrings at Elise Matheson's Haiku Earrings Party. I haven't written a haiku since I was seven years old (lo, those many decades ago), and the idea of writing poetry at all sounds absolutely terrifying to me...but I was determined to score a pair of her beautiful earrings. Luckily, the title she assigned my pair--"Flower-Polo for Pixies"--was so silly and fun that the haiku came right out.

I am so not a poet. (Thus, why I'm not posting my haiku here!) But oh, I do love my new earrings. And I giggle over super pixie flower-polo every time I see them.

Steph is refusing to post her haiku, but I know her password so I'm posting it:

"Flower Polo for Pixies"
Tiny arms swing fast,
Petals flying through the air.
Pixies always cheat.

- Patrick

Read/Post Comments (5)

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