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Dragon joy
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Woot! My short-short story How to Recognize a Dragon just sold to Full Unit Hookup. I am really happy about this. My dragon story!

Everyone has at least one dragon story waiting inside them. Right? Well, I have a special fondness for my first-ever dragon story.

Patrick and I have been doing writing exercises for the past couple of days, and he's posted two of them on his journal. It's remarkable just how much fun these have been. We started doing it because both of us had been feeling really blocked on the writing. Having a specific exercise challenge (using a first sentence given to you by the other person, write a full story in just ten sentences! Now!) suddenly made all our writing instincts buzz right back into life. Patrick's doing a different exercise every day now, and I'm doing them every day that I haven't made progress rewriting Congress of Shadows. Of course, yes, the catch is that the writing exercises are more fun than doing this round of rewrites...but I will not be seduced into just writing flash fiction forever! No! No matter how tempting it might feel...

Tomorrow is our five-year anniversary, so we're taking a long weekend. We got off work today by 1:30, and we're not going back until Monday. We couldn't afford to go away to an exotic locale, so instead we're going to take the weekend to enjoy all the lovely stuff around us. We're definitely planning at least one castle trip (castles! castles!) and at least one trip to a really good Indian restaurant.

It really reminds me how much I like living in Yorkshire.

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