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Curries & Castle Goodness
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Yesterday was, of course, just lovely. We got up and had breakfast at the Borders cafe (where we ran into our friend Justina and got to help brainstorm for the fun new website her publisher wants to create for her super new cyborg & elf adventure series). I revised another two chapters of Congress of Shadows, which took about two hours. (And left me pretty flattened, too. Rewriting is hard work! Interesting & satisfying, but hard.) Then we went out for a gorgeous anniversary meal at the world-famous Mumtaz Restaurant. We know it's world-famous because that's what it says on their door. And wow, they really deserve to be. Bradford is the Indian food capital of the UK, which is saying a lot, and Mumtaz may just be the best Indian restaurant in Bradford. It falls into the expensive-but-worth-it category, and we went all out (appetizers, mango lassi, the works), so we'll be living veeeerrry cheaply for the rest of the month, but oh, it was worth it. Plus I can't wait to eat the leftovers for dinner tonight...

Then today we went back to Skipton Castle, which I loved even more the second time round. We ran around finding arrow slits and angles to shoot invaders in the courtyard. It was lots of fun, and afterwards we recovered with a really lovely lunch at the Wild Oats vegetarian cafe next door, then walked along the canal behind the castle to Skipton Woods. Mmmm....

And in very good news, our co-written short story "Fire Magic" (our homage to The Prisoner of Zenda!) has been published in the current issue of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. If you or anybody you know is considering buying this issue, please, please, please will you buy the PDF instead of the paper copy? Our edits to the story reached the editor just too late for the printed version, but they've been included in the PDF version, making it the version we're happiest with. (It took about 2 years from the original submission to publication, so...the paper version is the best we could make it two years ago, but the PDF version is the best we can make it now, and we'd both like to think we've improved in those two years.)

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