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Good news & writing tricks
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Woot! I am still a student after all. My request for an extension on my PhD has been approved. I am very glad.

Now to try to remember where I was on that a year ago...

Oh, and my debit card issue has been fixed, too. Finally, we can spend our American money! Hurray!

In other I'm sitting in the university library right now, and I just finished printing out three copies of my finally-revised short story, so that I'll have copies available for three different markets. This is a trick Nalo Hopkinson taught us at Clarion, for forcing yourself to keep sending stories out to good markets instead of getting discouraged and giving up - print several copies of the same story all at once and get all the packaging ready (SASEs, cover letters and all) so that the instant you get your first rejection letter, you can shove the next copy into the mailbox. (Then, of course, you can break down and curse and wail and tear your hair, but not until then!) And if you actually sell the first or second copy...well, heck, it's never bad to have an extra copy of your own story, right?

And I'm counting down days (and hours!) until Sweden. Mmmmm, less than 48 hours to go...

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