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strange packing anomalies and possible flaws in the space-time continuum
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Whoa. It's not even quite 7pm yet...and I've already found and packed my passport and itinerary - and, in fact, most of my other luggage. This is just weird. Normally I wouldn't even start looking for my passport until at least 10pm, and then would find it only after having reached the point of vibrating, crazy stress and panic. Something feels...just wrong! But very good. I've decided to take it as a good omen. Maybe I'll use that extra time to learn another few Swedish phrases... (So far I'm good at saying "Hello," "Thank you" and - most uselessly - "How many are there?") (After which, of course, I can say "thank you" again, and leave as unenlightened as I arrived, since I haven't any idea what the numbers are in Swedish!)

Via Ben: I found this music video absolutely hilarious, especially after having watched The Wedding Crashers just a week ago.

Our plane takes off at 10 tomorrow morning, stops over in Amsterdam for a couple of hours (hurray for the Boulangerie Paul, my favorite cafe in any airport!), and lands in Sweden at 4:45. Woot! Can't wait.

And we've got free wireless in our hotel room, so there will definitely be pictures coming soon...

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