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A good start to the weekend
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I just found a lovely review of my short story "Foxwoman" at Tangent. Hooray!

In other news, I actually managed to drag myself up out of bed early enough to write before work today, since I'd been invited over for drinks at a friend's house this afternoon. Ohhh, I needed that coffee when I hit Starbucks too, too early this morning...but I'm about a third of the way through this draft of Congress of Shadows now, and I *think* (knock on wood) that things are falling into place.

I also got my first personal reject from Gordon Van Gelder at F&SF, which felt like sort of a twisted personal victory - I've never made it through the slush pile there before. Go me!

Right now I'm sitting at the kitchen table internetting by wireless while I listen to Pink Martini's Hang On Little Tomato. Soon I will have to rev myself up for getting on the bus back into town, but at least it's for the best of reasons - I'm meeting Patrick for an end-of-week date.

Happy weekend, everybody!

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