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house-hunting, writing, rain and tapas
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So we did three house-viewings today. The first one, we knew after about a minute, we didn't want; the second, we thought at the time, well, maybe...; and then we saw the third one. Not a convenient location - no central heating - and yet...hmm. That's the one we're still thinking about. Because it was such a great house and such a lovely, idyllic setting... Hmm. We'll keep on thinking.

I finished my newest draft of Congress of Shadows yesterday - hurray! Still lots of work to do, of course. Could I ask a favor of any critiquers who are reading this entry? Would you mind popping me an email if you'd be okay with me sending you the newer version to critique? Obviously, you wouldn't need to start all over again at the beginning, but if, say, you were 200 pages in (or 20, or 350), it would be great to be able to switch over to reading from page 200/20/350 in the newer version...

And it's raining. Rain rain rain, cold rain outside. Sigh. Last night we ventured out in the rain, though, because I'd gotten two invites to the press launch for the new Christmas Menu at Sandinista, a cool, cantina-style tapas bar in Leeds. Mmmm, gorgeous drinks, gorgeous desserts and - from what our friends told us - good meat dishes, too. Sadly (but not terribly surprisingly), not much vegetarian to eat, and almost nothing vegan. Still, it was a fun night out, and even worth getting wet through.

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