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finding home
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Whew. I've just finished the first new short story I've written in five months. It's tentatively called "Finding Home", it's about 3500 words, and I wrote it over the course of two days. So yes, this is one of those emotionally intense stories. I hope it turns out to be okay, but right now, it just feels so satisfying to have written it. It's been waaaay too long since I last finished a short story (although I have many, many sets of short story openings, never quite completed...). In a couple of weeks I'll read through this one with a jaundiced eye and moan over all the issues I find in it, but thank God that's two weeks off at least. 'Just having finished' is an excellent, non-fault-finding feeling.

In Patrick's new journal entry, he links to a great new Radio 4 comedy, Ed Reardon's Week. Cranky writer desperately checking his emails for news from his agent while ghost-writing for a less-than-minimal living and dodging his creditors...very silly and fun.

I've gotten completely addicted to radio comedy since moving to England.

What have you guys been doing for fun this week?

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