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guilty Friday pleasures...
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It's Friday afternoon, which means my motivation has gone with the wind. Usually I'm pretty good at going straight from work to a writing spot, then doing a couple hours of writing and thesis work until Patrick gets off at 6. Today...well, not so much!

What I've done instead:

  • Sat in the Borders cafe, drinking a peppermint tea, eating a chocolate chunk cookie, and reading a Meg Cabot novel. (Size Twelve is Not Fat)

  • Went to the Leeds Craft Centre and Art Gallery and ogled gorgeous handmade jewelry and funky wire sculptures of dogs and birds (I almost cracked and bought a little wire sculpture of a goldfinch, so cute...if it hadn't cost £33, at least!)

  • Went to the library and checked out two new DVDs because I can't wait till our next Amazon DVD delivery on the 17th...I got the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South and the first volume of Doctor Who Series One (because I adore the second series but haven't seen the first one yet)...

  • ...And also, to my deep embarrassment, I checked out a compilation CD called - yes - Housework Songs!!! I saw the title and the cover, thought yeah, right..., picked it up out of superior-feeling curiosity...and sank. Because it includes all my guilty favorites. "Manic Monday", "I Will Survive", "Pretty Woman", "It's Raining Men", "The Closest Thing to Crazy"--and all for just £1.50 to check it out for a week...I was so glad that I got the nice maternal-looking checkout woman instead of the intimidatingly super-hip checkout guy. Right now I'm sitting at my laptop in the graduate library with my headphones on, trying not to let myself hum along with the bouncy, cheesy, perfectly euphoric music playing in my ears....

  • I'm glad it's Friday!

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