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Yesterday, my computer told me there were updates to iTunes available. Like an idiot, I clicked "Yes, I agree" and downloaded them. Now all of my playlists from the past four months are gone - kaput! - replaced by old ones that I'd deleted, and none of the CDs I've imported in the last four months are even in the library anymore. How did that happen??? And where did all my music go???

Plus, my throat infection is back. Luckily, I got antibiotics straight away - I started feeling crappy yesterday, saw the doctor at 9am this morning and already have my medication, so it should all be over within a week - but gahh nonetheless.

Plus, I was dumb enough this morning to read a bad review of one of my stories. (I knew before I read it that it would be a bad review, because it's by a reviewer whose taste I have always disagreed with, each and every time she's reviewed stories by other people...and yet...somehow that doesn't make me feel any better.)

So. Gaahhh.

Tell me something cheerful to make me feel better!


PS: I've finally given in and gotten a livejournal account just so I can read and comment on all my friends' journals! It's: . I'll still do all of my real journaling right here...but it was very fun coming up with an icon. (One of my favorite Vienna pictures.)

Read/Post Comments (7)

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