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Getting better
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Lots of little good things to report. I'm already feeling noticeably better than yesterday - thank God for super-antibiotics! (The one I'm taking is actually a combination of 2 different kinds of antibiotic mixed into one pill - it makes me slightly nervous, but hey, it does seem to be working.)

I think I've found all my missing music and put it back into the main iTunes program (knock on wood)...

I am having way too much fun with LiveJournal. I let out an embarrassing squeal of delight this morning when I opened up my email and saw the messages telling me who had "friended" me! Too much fun. The only thing keeping me from going all-out and moving on over to LiveJournal for real is the ads in the corner...they drive me nuts. I hate the idea of making people look at advertisements when they read my journal! But as long as Journalscape stays free (and so does Blogspot, of course), I can't face the idea of paying LiveJournal to get an ad-free just seems wrong somehow.

So for the meantime, I'm happy where I am.

In other news, I was so relieved that one of Patrick's Christmas gifts finally arrived in the mail today - I'd been getting really paranoid about how long it was taking. (It's lovely to order from places that give "Free UK Shipping", but if it doesn't come till after Christmas, it stops being quite as good a deal...) And I'd better stop right there before I give anything else away. :)

The Christmas tree is continuing to be gorgeous and to put me into Christmas spirit every time I turn on the lights (which, since I'm at home all day, is pretty much non-stop - sad for our electricity bill, but happy for me!), and Maya is gazing up at me enticingly right now, swishing her tail and showing me her tummy. I predict that in about 10 seconds she'll give up all self-control and just leap on top of me...

Oops. Sooner than I'd predicted.

Signing off now (as I hold off a crazy dog with one hand)... :)

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