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that spamming hour...
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Every day I'm happy when it hits mid-day, UK-time, and my American friends begin to post blog entries and send emails. And every day I am annoyed when it hits mid-day, UK-time, and the American spam attacks begin. Seriously: I woke up this morning with one message in my spam box. I deleted it and didn't get a single other spam all morning, until noon, when 6 arrived at once, followed within minutes by several more of their creepy relatives. Sigh. If only the spammers would sleep in...

In much better email news, I got my tentative Wiscon program schedule, and if it becomes permanent, I will be very happy. Since nothing's been decided yet, I probably shouldn't post the exact titles and panel members, but I will say this: hurray for topics I have (far too many!) opinions about! I'm more than happy to sit on a panel with cool, smart writers I admire and get to talk to them about subjects I find fascinating. Yay for Wiscon! (Now if I can just find myself a gorgeous AND affordable evening dress for the Dessert Salon...)

Sadly, I've finally used up my favorite procrastination tool over the past several days. Last Thursday I discovered the blog Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels and sank right into it like a pig into mud! If you've never felt even the slightest guilty fondness for any romance novels, this certainly won't be the blog for you, but if, like me, you grew up reading romance novels, then you'll love it - smart, funny, loud-mouthed women making fun of the worst aspects of the romance genre while celebrating the best. For pure guilty fun, whether you're a romance reader or not, do check out my favorite of their rounds of cover snark, on romance covers with children in them. Finding this entry cheered me up enormously on a gray, rainy morning.

But now, alas, I've read through all their archives, and there is just no excuse not to get back to writing...

Ooh, lunchtime! ;p

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