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inspiration, fantasies, and a countdown
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Yesterday afternoon something really horrifying happened. I found myself thinking, "You know, what I really need is a desk of my own."

And then I blinked and realized that, hello!, what was I sitting right next to? My desk! It's just been covered with massive piles of books for so many months now that I had actually forgotten the desk underneath existed.

This is very depressing. Especially because it means I'm going to have to do something about it!

Luckily, I just discovered some wonderful motivation, because this morning, I have fallen head over heels in want. Via Tiffany Trent, I just discovered Laini's Ladies, and I need one, I really, really do! Any of them would be perfect for hanging above my newly-cleaned desk (yes, this is a fantasy) to inspire me as I write. They would be perfect. I love The Muse of Chocolate (quote: "'But you have no chocolate? My dear, how will you ever manage?!?!' -Marquise de Sevigne"); I love Imagine; but I think the one I really need for writing inspiration is Seek. Now all I have to do is sell another story so that I can rationalize spending the money to buy one for myself...

Yesterday I wrote another 1,000 words of Kat by Moonlight and got really wonderful feedback on them from Patrick. Hooray! The one great side-effect of my typical Chapter Four Lurch! moment is that once I do finally sit down and have a concerted think about the plot, things really do click much better from then on. This is part of why the beginnings of my novels are always sooooo rough (as SarahP and Jenn can attest!) and need so much rewriting later - but for better or worse, it all seems to be an inescapable process for me, since every time I've tried to Change My Ways and start with rigorous outlines, I've lost all interest and watched the story fizzle out within a chapter at most. So I'll keep tumbling along in my own ramshackle way!

Right now Maya's sleeping on the couch next to me, curled tightly around her new toy (a stuffed monkey with multiple squeakers for extra fun). Via Gwenda, I just read a really freaky article on the recent pet food scandal in America and how much worse it was than any of the public reporting gave credit (and how irresponsible Menu Foods really was) - especially if you are a pet owner, it's definitely worth checking out. Very scary stuff. I cuddled Maya very tightly after reading it.

Now all I have left to do is count down the hours until noon tomorrow, when we will be officially on vacation until next Wednesday! Hooray for the benefits of Patrick's university job and the lovely long Easter weekends it gives us!

Just over 27 hours to go...

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