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Friday yumminess
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Mmm. I spent about 3 hours writing this morning - first working on a short story, then - after a web-surfing break to clear my head - writing my daily chunk of Kat adventures. (Poor Kat is having to experience the feeling of true helplessness for the first time in her entire life, and she doesn't like it one bit! - but of course, being Kat, she won't let it hold her back for long.) Now I'm feeling happy and quite cat-like myself, stretching in the sun. I ate a nice pesto sandwich for lunch, took a shower, and painted my toenails pink. It's Friday afternoon, and I'm determined to enjoy it.

We also got two DVDs in the mail from AmazonRental: the live-action TV miniseries of Terry Pratchett's Hogfather, which I'm really looking forward to (Ian Richardson playing Death! Terry Pratchett playing the Toymaker! How could I resist?), and A Knight's Tale, which just sounds like good weekend fun.

And I was really pleased last night to find out that there's a new series of one of my favorite radio comedies That Mitchell and Webb Sound, on BBC Radio 4. Now I just wish I'd realized it earlier, so I could have heard the earlier episodes! For everyone who missed last night's episode - or who's enjoyed the TV version in the past - you can listen to last night's episode online until next Thursday. Check it out!

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