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Done! - with some torture on the side
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I just finished the final revisions on my short story "Red Ribbons", which of course makes me happy, but more than that - what makes it worthy of posting about is that I've now finished my Clarion West write-a-thon goals! Whew! I'm really pleased to have finished my write-a-thon goals and even more pleased to have challenged myself by setting those goals in the first place and getting much, much more writing done in the past 5 weeks than I would have otherwise. Tough goals and deadlines are very good for me!

Meanwhile, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows arrived on our doorstep today from Amazon. Being a good older sister, I'm letting Dave read it first (as long as he can do it within 24 hours!), and being a wicked younger brother, he is making me suffer for it by cackling as he reads and saying things like, "Ooh, I hadn't expected that to happen!" I'm pretty sure he's making up all the "spoilers" he insists on telling me. But if I do find out after all that the whole novel really is written in iambic pentameter and narrated by singing monkeys in the style of various big band artists, he is going to be in so much trouble...

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