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Well, my laptop does really seem to have gone Bad. By the end of last night, I wasn't even managing to get it started long enough to make backups. (I did manage to back up all my documents earlier in the day, but all my lovely music library, photos, etc...oh, gaah, I just can't let myself think about any of that right now!) This morning I zapped the PRAM and the laptop worked for almost 10 minutes before it crashed. Then I re-set the PMU and it gave me about 20 seconds before it crashed again. Right now I'm very pleased that I managed to restart it just long enough to slip in the Apple Hardware Test CD before it crashed again, so right now the Extended Hardware Test is running. Just please, please, please let it be something fix-able...

Anyway, the main point of this entry is to say that I won't be able to be online nearly as much as usual until the laptop problem is resolved (I'm typing this on Patrick's laptop right now, and I'm pretty sure he will want it back quite soon), so please forgive me for being even worse than usual at replying to emails, etc... (And to Scrabulous moves! Oh God, I'm already going into total withdrawal over Scrabulous!) And please send good vibes for easy, cheaply fix-able computer issues to be behind this.

But in the meantime, here's the one thing that saved my sanity this morning by making me laugh and becoming my single favorite short video in existence: How to Fight a Duel, via Merrie Haskell. I love it!

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