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The last of the laptop woes, and an unexpected gift
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Well, the computer seems to be a dead loss, for the moment at least - and very mysteriously so, since the Apple hardware-test found nothing wrong, the Disk Utility software verified that the disc was fine, and I wiped the computer and re-installed the system software, so it can't be a software issue either ...the damn thing just won't work! And of course, most frustratingly, I've started remembering all the things I did forget to back up before wiping the computer for the re-install that didn't do any good after all...

BUT! We are off to Edinburgh in about an hour, and I can't wait! And I have the most wonderful, cheering news to take with me as we go: yesterday I got an email from one of the editors at Podgeschichten, a brand-new spec-fic German podcast, asking to buy my story "Some Girlfriends Can" for a German-language podcast!! This is my first translation into any foreign language, and anyone who knows me and my Vienna obsession can probably guess how ecstatic I am that it's a German translation! (I GET TO HEAR MY STORY READ AUF DEUTSCH!!!!!!! I can't WAIT!) I am doing happy dances all over the place, despite my laptop woes. I'd be thrilled to hear my stories read in any language, but to hear this one read in German, a language I absolutely love (and can actually understand!) is just like getting the biggest surprise gift ever.

When we get back from Edinburgh Tuesday night, I'll have to start figuring out financial plans for my laptop situation, and all sorts of other stressful things, but right now I am purely happy about the sale and our trip. Have a great weekend everybody!

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