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I guess everything you need to know about me is really summed up by something that just happened: while surfing the internet, I let out an involuntary cry of joy and also longing. (Ohhhhhh, I want!!!!) Patrick said: "What?" And I said: "Look what I just found!" Yes, it was an office supplies - or rather, pen & pencil supplies - website with free shipping in the UK. And, more specifically, I'd found a sale on my favorite pens in the world - which, on this website, come in multiple colors.

Yup. That's me. At least I'm clearly not the only one with this...problem? trait? addiction? Because I found and laughed at this description, from their Graf von Faber Castell line: "Pencils don't come much more elaborate than this."

It's office supply porn. And yes, I could surf that site for hours. In fact, when I was a kid and I had to go with my parents to Meijers (the grocery/clothing/stationery/car parts/bicycle shop that dominates Michigan, and which I love), the standard tactic was for them to drop me off in the stationery section while they shopped for groceries. I could ogle the different notebooks and pens for as long as it took, lost in a dreamworld of the perfect novels and stories I could write if only I had those wonderful writing tools...

It's undoubtedly a sickness. But I am very, very happy to have found the Cult Pens website anyway. :)

Read/Post Comments (3)

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