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Last day, book-buying, and world-building
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Today's our last full day in Florida. It's going to be a quiet day, because I've done too much over the past few days - but hey, this is our one week in Fort Lauderdale, how could I resist? But I'm still hoping to get in some time lying on the beach, as well as hanging out with my Miami-living brother. And yesterday I broke down at Barnes & Noble and bought Carrie Jones's Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend, along with Amanda Marrone's Uninvited. I'm trying very hard to resist reading them until the plane ride back to Wales next Thursday...but we'll see how my control holds out!

Yesterday I sat down to try to write a worldbuilding document for the Kat series. I froze up. It felt like writing an academic paper on a topic I hadn't properly researched, and I couldn't even look up any books to read about it! (This is one of those signs that I stayed in academia Too Long.) Then Patrick had a really good idea.

"Don't write your own paper on the worldbuilding," he said. "Write Dr. X's History of the Order of the Guardians. And Lady So-and-So's Guide to the Etiquette of Magic. Fill 'em up with innuendos and personal biases."

"Oh," I said. "Oh. I can do that!"

So I wrote Lady Radcliffe's Guide to the History and Etiquette of Magick: a Primer for Young Ladies of Quality yesterday afternoon, while sitting on the front porch, facing the canal and listening to Nouvelle Vague. And it was fun. Today I'll be working on Dr. Morville's History, and I'm actually looking forward to it.

This is a much, much better approach to worldbuilding for me.

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