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Good day, photos, and another plane trip
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We didn't make it to the beach yesterday, but it was a good day anyway. We went out to lunch with my brother Ben, then hung out on the front porch of the house all afternoon, arguing about what exactly makes a good Doctor Who episode and debating the pros and cons of various seasons of Buffy and Angel. So, in other words, my favorite kind of conversation! We finished off at the local café where I'm typing now. So here's a picture of me and my brother in our natural environment - a coffeeshop:
Family pic

Ben also took a picture that, while slightly different (I was wearing a different outfit yesterday, when the weather wasn't as hot!) is still a pretty accurate depiction of exactly how Patrick and I probably look right now as we check the internet:

Surfing the internet...

We dropped Ben off at the train station around 7pm, and immediately started packing. Our flight is in less than 2 hours now, and we're leaving for the airport in 20 minutes. Luckily, today is our first day of genuinely awful Florida weather - hot, stuffy, and sticky, with a prickling hot wind that's given me a nasty sinus headache. So I won't feel quite as sad about leaving as I would have yesterday when it was beautifully warm but with a cool breeze ruffling the water of the canals.

And of course I've packed both of my new novels in my carry-on backpack. My willpower didn't last long!

I really hope it's snowing in Michigan by the time we get there...

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