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Flight, snow, chocolate, consolations
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Today's the last day of our American vacation. We're getting on an evening flight tonight for Wales, via Amsterdam...sigh. If I let myself think about how many hours it'll be before my next real bedtime (29 hours now? gaaaaaghhhhh!) I'll just shrivel up and die. So I won't. Anyway, maybe I'll sleep on the plane, this time. Really. It could happen...

But the nicest belated Christmas gift I've gotten this year has been the weather these past couple of days. Remember how I've whined and whined and whined about wanting snow and never getting any? Well, here I was yesterday on my way to the post office to mail out some short stories:
On my way to the post office...

I got my wish! And it's been making me very happy. :)

And the last few days have been very good writing days, too. Plus, lots of cuddling with cats, hanging out with my parents, eating good food and drinking excellent hot chocolate. If only vacations could last forever!

But here's my one consolation: less than 24 hours until we're back with Maya! I can't wait to see her. Even if I'm falling over with exhaustion when I do.

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