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Home (and photos)!
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We made it! It took us a day longer than expected to get back to Leeds because of a nasty flu bug Patrick picked up on the plane, but now we're home, and I'm feeling extremely slug-like, pinned to the couch with jet-lag and general travel exhaustion. But I get to cuddle Maya on the couch, so I'm happy!

We spent a couple of days in Wales first, where I got a nice amount of historical tourism in, my favorite kind.

On Saturday, I finally remembered my camera and took a picture of Abergavenny Castle (which we'd visited before the American trip) from the free parking lot in the city center:
Abergavenny Castle

I love that the castle is in easy walking distance of our favorite Abergavenny café! That's definitely my kind of city.

Later that day, I spent a wonderful hour at Llanthony Priory, a 12th-century priory that filled me with bliss. While Patrick and his mom took Maya for a walk around the hills that surround the priory, I wandered around the ruins, snapping pictures and breathing in history, then settled down on a flat rock to read a wonderful history book (more on that in another entry!) in the perfect atmosphere.
The Arches of Llanthony Priory

Stripes of light

Soaring high

And I love the way the centuries merge together, between the 12th-century priory and the 19th-century(???) farmhouse (that now doubles as a pub):
Merging centuries...

But yesterday we finally started driving from Wales back to Leeds, with Maya VERY insistent that she not be left behind! She was an anxious wreck until I put her leash which point she immediately turned into a calm, patient travel companion:
Maya on her way home

And now we're home again, happy, and Maya's just where she likes to be:
Maya helping Patrick with his work

I love vacations - and I had a particularly wonderful time on this one - but it does feel good to be home. :)

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