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celebrations, feuds, photos and links
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So, the celebration at Borders yesterday went just about perfectly. I drank a Signature hot chocolate and re-read Nancy Mitford's The Pursuit of Love for the first time in several years; it was just as snarky and delicious as I'd remembered. Sometime soon I need to break down and just buy myself copies of The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate (which, weirdly enough, was shelved in the romance section of Borders - I think someone got confused by the title). They're books I periodically rediscover, and every time I do, it's a joyful discovery. What a wonderful writer!

Right now Maya is sprawled across my lap, making it extremely difficult to type. This is not accidental. The computer is the natural enemy of the border collie, as both Maya and Nika would have fervently agreed. Maya is a mistress of offensive tactics against the hated machine - she'll even wrap both of her front legs around my neck in a hug and press her furry face against mine to keep me from looking at the screen!

But if anyone with a border collie has digital pics of your dog, check out the call for border collie photos by Border Collie Trust (), the rescue society that saved Maya from euthanasia in Wales. They're in the middle of putting together a promotional video, and they're particularly looking for action shots. Needless to say, I sent them plenty of Maya photos to consider...much to her irritation at my continued computer usage!

And two last's Daily Coyote photo is one of the cutest ever, and if you want an infusion of humor for your afternoon, check out Sarah Rees Brennan's wonderful entry about how she researched the lives of mechanics for her YA fantasy novel...and how her research subjects reacted to it! I love her LJ entries.

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