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And a quick petition link...
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I usually try to avoid talking about politics on my journal. But I feel passionately that in the 21st century, when the sheer ineffectiveness (as well as outright human cruelty) of torture has been historically proven over and over and over again, the question of whether torture can be perpetrated, ordered, or even allowed by the US government is not a single-party issue. Here's the link to the Human Rights First petition I just signed, End Torture With the Next President. The text of the petition says:
Mock drowning, hypothermia, "outsourcing" torture to other countries... These techniques are not only shameful, they also do not work. Torture is ineffective, it undermines our values, and it hardens hearts and minds against us. Torture is never the answer.

Good, strong leadership is the answer. This year, we could elect a President who rejects torture and restores America's honor. With the candidates scrambling for votes and Super Tuesday around the corner, now is the time to deliver this message. Speak out today!

Sign the petition today to join 100,000 voices united against torture and tell our presidential candidates that torture is not the answer!

The most depressing thing about this petition, for me, is that we're past Super Tuesday and there have still only been about 20,000 signatures on this petition - they're waiting till 30,000 to pass the petition on to the presidential candidates.

You can sign it here.

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