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Valentine's Happy
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I woke up way too early again today, staggered around moaning for an hour or two...and then, just for a really radical approach to the problem, actually took an hour's nap on the couch, with Maya tucked up snoring against me. I felt an awful lot better when I woke up. Huh. Who'd have thought it?

By a really wonderful coincidence, Valentine's Day this year turned out to be on a day Patrick doesn't go to work. Of course, we spent a huge amount of the day writing (or rewriting, in my case), but it was a wonderful day anyway (especially after my nap, since I suddenly became much more coherent and non-moaning). We went out to lunch at Starbucks, where I got a mushroom-and-emmenthal panini and a skinny stem-ginger muffin (see, the fact it's a "skinny" muffin means it's a guilt-free Valentine's, right????). Patrick had already given me a beautiful bouquet of tulips a few days ago, but their blossoms really opened up today, so I enjoyed them even more. He also gave me Hilary McKay's Forever Rose as a Valentine's gift, which made me intensely happy - I love her Casson Family series so much. And tonight we watched the fifth episode of Torchwood, which was definitely the best episode so far this season. It was really smart and fun (and also reassuring after last week's episode, which I'd thought was the weakest episode so far).

Oh! And I got good news yesterday: my flash fiction story "Giant" will be podcast on PodCastle on April 18th, a few weeks earlier than planned. Hurray!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! :)

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