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Sleepy new addictions
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Oof. I woke up way too early this morning. Usually when Patrick wakes up, since it's still dark out, I can turn over and fall back asleep for another hour or two. This time, though, in my brief moment of wakefulness, a whole bunch of Big Stressful Thoughts all popped into my head at once. (Nothing traumatic or terrible - just all the stuff that Must Get Done Soon! Not a restful list to consider, even at 6:30am.) Eventually, I gave up and stumbled out of bed and downstairs for breakfast. The lovely consolation, though, was that I got to share Patrick's writing session, and I got a bunch of rewriting done early this morning before the sky even lightened.

Today I've gotten completely addicted to, which I saw recommended on Neil Gaiman's journal. I'd been getting kind of tired of most of the music that I own (and that I've WAY over-listened to - definitely time for some variety!), so it's been lovely to spend the whole day listening to lots of songs I'd never heard before. So far I've picked "Artists similar to Lucinda Williams", "Artists Similar to Sarah Maclachlan", and "Artists Similar to Hedningarna" as guides for the system to come up with songs for me, and at least 75% of the results have been great...and all of them have been completely free! What a great system.

Maya's lying on top of my legs, and I'm still happy from the chocolate cake I ate earlier. Good food, good music, good writing work done, and puppy's been a good day so far. :)

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