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Mysteries and excitement
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Everything outside is white. Frost-tipped tree branches, frost-encased strands of grass, and a thick, white mist enveloping all of it in mystery. It's a day straight out of a fairy tale, one with dangers, temptations, adventures, and intoxications hidden in the mist.

Naturally, I'm spending today inside the house, writing, since I'm not a proper fairy tale heroine! Ah, well. Tomorrow is Patrick's birthday, which means we'll go out for dinner to Mumtaz, so there's some adventure to look forward to. All I still have to do is wrap one last present and make a card before I'm ready.

And today there was big excitement for Maya: a Sainsburys grocery delivery! The moment the delivery van parked outside, she leapt up from the couch, her ears perking. She stood still but quivering with intensity as she listened to the deliveryman move around outside. Finally, the door bell rang, and she leapt into action, tail wagging, racing through the house to get to the doorway. She didn't bark - she never does, especially not for this. She loves the deliverymen, and nicely enough, they all genuinely seem to love her. She always hovers politely in the foyer, watching but not coming too close until they beckon her over to give her petting and treats, while they tell me stories about the border collies or other kinds of dogs they've had in the past. Afterwards, she sits down in "good dog" pose until we dig out her weekly new stuffed squeaking toy and she chases it throughout the house.

One of the things I love about living with a dog is that she gets so much enjoyment out of such small things, and never worries about the future or the past. It's a lovely reminder of the right way to live.

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