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Today is Patrick's birthday. Go wish him a happy birthday! He has the day off work, and we're really enjoying it so far. And tonight...mmmm....gorgeous Kashmiri food on the horizon! (And a challenge for me. I always order Palak Paneer. Always! But this time I've sworn to be adventurous and try something different. Eep!)

It's a day devoted to relaxation and celebration. But still, I did an hour of writing this morning, and lo: I am almost finished with my Big Rewrite! I'm still waiting for possible comments from one person, and I've asked Patrick to look through one section to check that it really is smooth now. But I am very, very pleased to be so close to the finish line. Soon I may have my brain back under my own control and start putting things in the right places again instead of storing dog food in the fruit bowl, etc. Well, we can always hope.

Now I'm off to celebrate. Birthday!

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