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Hooray! I finished The Big Rewrite this morning. Now, of course, it's time to collapse, fall down on the couch, and....start doing some more rewrites! (The two first-draft short stories that have been waiting impatiently for my attention for, oh, at least two months now. Oops.) Sigh. Sometime soon I will start writing all-new stuff again. I have to!

In the meantime, though, dinner last night was great - even though I was super-brave and did not order my standby of Palak Paneer! I ordered Aloo Palak (almost the same but not quite!) and it was really, really yummy, especially with delectable garlic naan and a mango lassi on the side. And Patrick's dahl (of course I nibbled!) was so delicious that next time I feel like being adventurous, I think that's what I'll order. Can't wait to eat our leftovers tonight! :)

And as a special reward for finishing my Big Rewrite today - because I am a geek - we went out to: the library! Yes! I have been in a desperate state of near-booklessness for the past few weeks but too overwhelmed by the rewrite to do anything about it (well, apart from watching a lot of shows on the BBC iPlayer). Today we drove out to the local library and I stocked up on several of PG Wodehouse's Jeeves novels, a Nancy Mitford novel I've never read before (Don't Tell Alfred), a Dick Francis novel (because his mysteries are my standby reads when I'm on vacation or my brain has just gone numb from too much rewriting!) and a biography of Jane Austen for when I'm ready to get back into Kat by Starlight (as soon as all the different rewrites are over - no more than two weeks from now, I hope).

Now Maya's cuddled up against me on the couch, the gas fire's burning, and I'm debating which book to read first. It's exactly the kind of question I most like to ask myself. :) Happy Thursday, everyone!

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