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Coyotes, cursed antiquities, and a cool new discovery
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In a much cheerier link than yesterday's, check out today's video from the Daily Coyote: coyote Charlie licking calves!

I've always loved coyotes - actually, my first-ever YA fantasy novel (written when I was 21 and never revised) was a modern-day retelling of "East of the Sun, West of the Moon"* set in Arizona, with the hero cursed to be a coyote by day rather than a polar bear. Ever since my first visits to my grandparents' lemon farm in Southern California, when I used to listen to the coyotes yip outside every night as I fell asleep, I've always wished there was any plausible and humane way to have personal contact with reading The Daily Coyote is a total vicarious pleasure for me.

And I just read a great review of a new kids' series that looks fabulous: the Theodosia Throckmorton series, set in the Museum of Legends and Antiquities in 1906 London, full of ancient Egyptian curses and adventure, and starting with Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos. It looks like a huge amount of fun, and of course it's gone straight onto my Amazon wishlist. Better yet, I read today's interview with the author, R. L. LeFevers, at Finding Wonderland, and only then realized that she's the co-author of one of my favorite writing blogs, Shrinking Violet Promotions: Marketing for Introverts. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the first book! Now if only I hadn't already used up my book-allowance for this month...sigh. At least it gives me another thing to look forward to in June!


*Yes, I really am obsessed with that story, as anyone who's read "By the Light of the Dark" can probably tell!

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