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good TV news, an interesting competition, and a dash of nervous anticipation
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Hooray! Wonderful TV news: although Russell T. Davies is leaving Dr. Who, Steven Moffat is taking over as executive producer and (better yet) lead writer, leaving me in bliss. Every single episode that Moffat's written for Who so far has been my favorite episode of its season, and he really is my favorite writer working in television at the moment. I'm particularly impressed by how perfectly he works across genres, from sparkly relationship comedy (in Coupling) to freaky, horror-tinged science fiction (his 2-part episode in Season 1 of Who). I'd been rapidly losing faith in the show this fourth season, but now, after that excellent news, I'm genuinely excited about Season 5 and willing to keep watching through in order to get there.

And in other television-related news...for anyone who's always wanted to write for television, check out this upcoming contest (which I discovered in Cynthia Sterling's market newsletter):
Fox/NYTVF is sponsoring a Comedy Script Contest. They're looking for half-hour comedy scripts for an original TV series. Scripts should be 25-35 pages. There is no fee to enter and the winner will receive $25,000 and a development deal from Fox Broadcasting. Entries will only be accepted between June 2 and June 13, online. For all the details, go to fox_info.htm

Today I'm planning to take my writing outside to sit in the sunshine with Maya and to indulge in some yummy chocolate-fudge-brownie ice cream (not Ben & Jerry's, alas, but the cheaper Co-op version which costs half the price and tastes at least 95% as good). It'll be lovely to feel luxuriant and decadent, and even more, it'll help me gird myself for tonight's challenge: Maya's first acupuncture appointment, for her bad shoulder. We decided it was definitely worth a try - acupuncture has helped a lot of dogs with pain issues, and we need to try out any safer alternatives that exist before we give in and get her surgery - but I can't pretend that any of us are looking forward to it. Urk. The possibilities inspire dread...I hope they don't live up to it! But at least, no matter what happens, I'll go into it prepared with chocolate.

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