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Good music, good links, and a book birthday!
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Mmmm. It's been a nicely productive day, so I'm enjoying taking a short break on the couch right now, eating strawberries, watching the rain fall outside, and listening to Thea Gilmore's new CD, Liejacker, on I'd only ever heard one of her songs before ("Movie Kisses", I think?), but after reading her interview in The Guardian the other day, I got curious, and I'm glad I did. So far, I'm really enjoying this CD, and it's definitely going on my wishlist for the next time I buy music. (Sadly, that doesn't happen all that often - I do love music, but I am shamelessly addicted to books, so that's where all my spare money tends to go!)

Speaking of spare money...when I looked up the online link to the Thea Gilmore interview just now, I came across another Guardian article called Ten Ways to Save Money By Going Green. I can't imagine following all of the author's suggestions - for one thing, I'm WAY too finicky with my hot drinks not to use freshly boiled water in my tea and coffee (re-using old water in a kettle, fine - but it has to be boiled again right before I drink it)! - but it does make interesting reading - particularly (given my current obsessions!) the statistics about just how much money parents can save by using cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. That's probably the single most persuasive argument that anyone could present to us right now...

And for the very most fun link of today, check out the Cynsations interview with Sarah Prineas about her book The Magic Thief, which is published TODAY! I am so excited about this book finally being in the world. It's just so much fun, for kids and adults - reading it the first time filled me with happiness, which has just continued to grow as I've read drafts of Books 2 and 3. Happy book birthday, Magic Thief!

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