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Thank you so much to everybody who commented or emailed on Patrick's post! I wish I had the energy to reply to each comment individually. Since I don't, I will just say: reading your comments felt absolutely wonderful. Thank you!!!!

I am typing one-handed while cuddling our baby boy with the other, and I'm still pretty exhausted from the c-section, so this will have to be a short entry. Right now I'm more tired than I've ever been, but also more intensely happy than ever before in my entire life, and so, so in love with our beautiful son. And oh, am I grateful for modern medical technology. Friday night, just on my way to bed, I realized that I hadn't felt him move inside me for 24 hours. I was convinced I was only being paranoid and silly, but we drove to the hospital just in case...and within 3 hours, he was being delivered in an emergency c-section, just in the very nick of time. The doctor told us that if we'd waited even just 1 more day to come in, there might not have been a heartbeat anymore.

I am so, so grateful to have our baby safe and sound and wonderfully healthy. He was born tiny for his dates - 5lbs 7 - and spent his first several hours in the hospital's Special Care unit before I could even hold him, but now he's at home with us, constantly in my or Patrick's arms, thrilling us more every single day.

After long and hard thought, we've decided that it wouldn't be fair to share details like his exact name in a public forum - as writers, Patrick and I have made the decision to make a lot of our private lives public, but that's not a decision we can make for our children. But you guys have been so wonderful & supportive through the pregnancy, I really wanted to share some of the love! :)

I owe lots of friends long, individual emails, and I promise to write them all as soon as I can. (Just typing this is really tiring me out right now.) But in the meantime, meet our baby!

Day 1:
Steph & Baby, Day 1

Day 2:
Patrick & Baby, Day 2

Baby, Day 2

Read/Post Comments (2)

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