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Quick Saturday post
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  • I love, love, love the comments I've gotten on my last entry. Thank you so much, and please keep posting and forgiving me for not replying individually to them right now. Reading them has made me alternately smile, laugh (we would SO love to find some Iron Maiden onesies - although it may be a few years yet before he's ready to go to the concerts w/his dad...), wince in empathy for other people who've gone through similar birth stories, and mostly feel just so warm and supported by every comment. Thank you!

  • Today, our little boy is 1 week old. It's been one of the most incredible, joyful, terrifying, miraculous weeks of my life. Wow, is the parental learning curve steep...but oh, it is amazing to have him here, and he's being very patient while we learn to take good care of him. (We're also working on a good internet pseudonym for him - right now, "Mr Darcy" is leading the race, because he is gorgeous and deeply lovable, but he is also enigmatic and says very little on first acquaintance.)

  • Lat night, thanks to Patrick's self-sacrifice in taking almost all of the evening baby shift, and the baby's amazing good nature, I got a full 5 hours' sleep for the first time in over a week. It's astonishing what a difference that makes!

  • Thank you so much to whoever sent me the lovely Amazon congratulations package. I couldn't find a name in the gift note or packaging, but I'm already halfway through reading Not Flesh nor Feathers, I'm absolutely loving it, and I'm really looking forward to watching the DVD tonight. Thank you!!!

Now to see if the baby will let me set him down in his basket for a little while...knock on wood!

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