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The Andrassii Agreement
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Woot! My science fictional comedy of manners, "The Andrassii Agreement", has been published in Lone Star Stories. You can read it here! I'm tempted to burble on and on about the story and the magazine at great length, but instead I'll just say: I'm very happy about this publication, and I love the image Eric picked to go with the story. Yay!

Yesterday, Patrick, Mr Darcy and I all went forth and braved the icy weather and the downright terrifying parking situation in downtown Leeds (lesson: DON'T try to park in Leeds in the Christmas shopping season!) so that we could attend a reunion lunch with the other members of our prenatal class. Since I'm currently on a medically-mandated (by Mr Darcy's pediatrician) dairy-free & soy-free diet (sigh), finding food to eat at the restaurant was a bit of a challenge...but I ended up with a surprisingly good salad, and the company was fantastic. It was really cool to see all the other couples with their babies (Mr Darcy was the oldest, at 9 weeks; I think the youngest was 5 weeks), coo over all those cute little creatures, and get to play the game of matching up babies' & parents' features...and, best of all, commiserate with each other on the total lack of sleep/time/laundry!

It was the first time Mr Darcy has ever been out in public with other babies, and I'm sure he'll have a blog entry about that coming soon. Meanwhile, I'm hoping to find a way to start meeting up with the other moms from the group for the weekly coffeeshop trips. (I am really cursing myself for not getting a UK driving license the first year I moved here, when it would have been soooo easy...)

Today Patrick's back at work and I'm dealing with my first day alone with Mr Darcy and Maya for over 2 weeks. In the last couple of hours, I've dealt with a seriously disgruntled Mr Darcy, a really disastrous diaper change -don't ask! - and Maya knocking a full cup of tea all across the living room carpet...gahhhh....

So in other words, if anyone happened to read "The Andrassii Agreement" and liked it, now would be a GREAT time for me to hear about it. ;)

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