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Random Sunday things
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  • I love gmail's new themes. Mine is "tea party", and it shows a cute fox taking tea outside a Japanese-style house...or at least, that's what it shows in mid-afternoon. At night, the fox sleeps under the roof of the house, while three ghost foxes play chess at the table outside. In the early morning, the fox and some friends do tai chi on the front step. Throughout the day, he sweeps up, gives a bird a bath, hangs out with different's wonderfully silly and so addictive. I've been checking my gmail account more than ever before, just to see what that fox is up to.

  • I can't for the life of me remember who recommended "Chuck" to me, but whoever it was - thank you! Patrick and I watched the first four episodes yesterday, laughed a lot, and have already ordered the second disc from our DVD rental service. Again - so silly, so much fun.

  • This morning, when I checked my gmail account (the fox was doing tai chi), I found the link editor Eric Marin had sent me to an online preview of my story "The Andrassii Agreement", which is going to be published tomorrow (!!!) in Lone Star Stories. Eeee! I can't wait. (And yes, in keeping with the theme of this entry, "The Andrassii Agreement" is one of the silliest of my stories...and I really hope it's fun for people to read!)

Time for me to go offline now, because Mr Darcy needs a diaper change...what are you guys doing this Sunday? And what are you looking forward to this week?

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