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Woooot! Not only did I wake up to find the world blanketed in snow, with beautiful white light bouncing everywhere, but it is still snowing big, fluffy flakes, and - for the first time this winter, in Leeds - it's actually not supposed to all melt by lunchtime! My Michigander heart is in bliss. If it were up to me, I'd be walking around in it right now (if not rolling on the ground making snow angels, or finding a hill to try to go sledding). Unfortunately, since we bought our baby clothes in Leeds, Mr Darcy doesn't actually have any outfits warm enough for this weather...but I've got the curtains pulled wide open so that I can at least soak in the whole lovely feeling of snow outside. I've missed snow so much!

On the other hand, the rest of the country is not completely sharing my bliss. This morning I saw on LJ that a whole bunch of London businesses, trains, buses, etc. had completely shut down because of the snow. I started laughing - because honestly, the snow is just NOT that deep, alas - and Patrick said, "Oh, well, they got a lot more snow in London..." Well, five minutes later, I got a phone call from the health visitor who was due to visit us today (every baby in the UK is assigned a health visitor who comes every so often to check on the health & wellbeing of both baby & mom). She couldn't make it because of the snow, and she predicted that since the weather was forecast to be just as bad for the rest of the week, my appointment tomorrow at the dietician's will probably be canceled too, because no one could possibly make it through the roads in this weather.

So, yeah. It's one of those moments when I'm reminded that no, I'm really not in Michigan anymore...but I am absolutely adoring this weather, and feeling enormously happy right now because of it. :)

PS. Sadly, Patrick checked his work email the moment I got off the phone with the health visitor...but it turns out that the University of Leeds is showing its true Yorkshire grit by resolutely staying open despite the inch of snow on the ground. Alas....

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