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Snow, daydreams, and debreviews
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My lovely winter weather continues, complete with falling snow, and verily, I am happy. :) I'm not alone in my snow bliss, either - Maya is right there with me! She loves thick snow. She follows scent trails across the top layer, digs down to find what's underneath, and sometimes even bites off snowballs to toss for herself! She's a very happy puppy on our walks outside, and so am I. When the world is covered in snow, it feels magical and suddenly full of possibilities.

And speaking of possibilities, I got another really good crit for Kat by Starlight, so I'm now completely torn between forging ahead with brand-new chapters of Kat by Ghostlight, or going back to do a big KbS rewrite. Ponder, ponder, ponder... In other words, there's not much to report here from the last few days. I've mostly been daydreaming different Kat ideas (for both novels), cuddling with Maya and MrD, and reading (the perfect way to spend snowy days). If only I could learn to nap during the day, life would be perfect. Alas, it's just not, since MrD is still waking up MANY times each night for feeding, I am very, very tired. And since we're off to his third round of immunizations this afternoon (aack - this time it'll be 3 shots in a row! his poor little legs!), I'm guessing that I won't be making up any lost sleep tonight...

Elsewhere on the internet, though, much more interesting stuff has been going on. Over at the Tenners, a cool new series of author interviews is coming out called the "Debreviews". Each of us Tenners (all authors with their first YA books due out in 2010) has been paired with one of the Debs (all authors with YA books coming out in 2009), and we've all been carefully paired with people whose books are good matches for our own. (So, I'll be interviewing Sarah MacLean later this month - yay, Regency YA!) The first interview went up three days ago: Irene Latham's interview of Jenny Moss, whose first novel, Winnie's War, is set in 1918, during the Spanish Influenza epidemic. The book sounds great, I think it's going to be a fun series of interviews to read...and, with luck, it should also be genuinely useful for people trying to find out more about the new YA novels coming out this year.

And now back to plotting a way to make myself some lunch without waking Mr Darcy...hmm...

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