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Saturday Night With Mom
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Mom is doing real well. David and Diane are (presumably) back as of yesterday. Paul helped get Mom to bed every night except Saturday night, when Katy and I went down to spend the night. Thank you, Paul!

Although Mom is taking some strong over-the-counter analgesics, she doesn't have to have any opiate-based drugs, which is really good, as they play hell with her mind and body.

If you put aside the frail body, the walker she uses, the medications she takes, Mom looks 20 years younger than she really is. No one meeting her for the first time would imagine she is 98+.

Mom has a doggie now, who can't seem to stay out of her lap. "Sandy" is a little dog, I'm not sure what breed, and is very friendly, once she sees that Mom knows the person. Until Sandy is sure of you, however, she barks and growls just like a big dog.

Dave and Diane have a big dog there also, whose name is "Nashama". Nashama doesn't bark so much as he stays away from you until he sees little sister Sandy accept the person. If Sandy is all right with the stranger, then Nashama wants to get in on the petting, too!

We didn't do much except for talking. We watched a little TV, but Mom does that a lot when no one is around, so I think she likes the break.

I know there are some readers here who don't get to see Mom much, but she knows you're thinking of her. She is so sharp, when people are around that I didn't know, Mom is the first one to introduce them, by name. She's got a really phenomenal memory, I think better than mine!

Two other guests showed up on Saturday.

Some of you know Linda, whose husband Steve called the Fire Department when Nancy set the house on fire a year ago. They live next door to Peter's old house, and she reports that the house has been completely remodeled and sold and several young women are either renting or buying it. That is wonderful news.

My old friend Jon Y. also came over. Mom has always called Jon her "5th son", since he has been so much a part of our family since the early 70's.

Thanks, Linda and Jon for coming, you really made Mom's weekend!

And a special thanks to Katy, for coming after work and then having to go back to work from there on Sunday.

Also, the biggest THANKS of all to David and Diane for providing such a wonderful home for Mom in her remaining years. She knows how good she has it there and has totally given up on ever living on her own again.


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