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The Druggie Neighbor is Almost Gone
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"I might write four lines or I might write twenty. I subtract and I add until I really hit something. You don't always whittle down, sometimes you whittle up." - Grace Paley

Sunshine today.

Today is the day our problem neighbor is to be out of her apartment.

I was surprised that the court allowed her out of jail since she couldn't post bail. However, I guess they took pity on her and let her out to take care of business.

When I left for the food bank at 6:30 a.m. all the lights were on in the apartment and the front door was wide open.

When I went into our parking lot, I saw a huge heap of household belongings piled in the corner of the lot. Later I saw that people were driving by slowly to scope out the stack and asking if the stuff was free. We said no and Michael alerted Richard that folks wanted to take stuff. Richard came by and put up a sign that the possessions were not for the taking or free.

By mid-afternoon, all the folks from next door wrapped it up and we heard they were going to get ready to go out for the night and party. This doesn't seem sound to me but then I am not a druggie.

Michael is working on the Neighborhood Watch stuff with Mr. T’s assistance in finding out who would be interested in attending this up-coming meeting. I feel this is a good thing and letting soon-to-be neighbors we are not going to tolerate inappropriate behavior.

Since yesterday was my birthday, I received belated birthday wishes from my food bank buddies. Mary brought me a wandering Jew. On the way home, I learned my new plant friend's name was Fred. I liked this. Fred the Wandering Jew and here he was taking a walk with me.

I have to say it was quite an exciting day what with the moving stuff, the multitude of people helping, it was good bank day and I had to go to the pathology clinic to pick up a fecal test kick to find out why I am having diarrhea.

It is now September 8:
On the moving neighbor front story, she left a stack of belongings out at the corner of the parking lot while she went and partied. When she came back this morning to collect her things, they were gone.

What had happened was the housing authority maintenance men came in and collected everything into the back of a truck and took it all to the trash. Needless to say, our neighbor is in tears. She was able to retrieve some of her other furnishings. Maintenance has been tearing out carpeting and oh boy does it smell.

Mr. T and Michael both said they could smell urine and could see stains on the carpet. That carpet is being torn up as I write. Mr. T said yesterday, that he had a flea on him from having gone in there.

Michael said that Richard’s, aka Dicky, dog showed up this morning. Richard had not secured the dog. So the dog showed up at the apartment and went into the back yard and then into a closet in the bedroom and would not come out. Because of this the maintenance workers called Animal Services and they came and got the dog.

So it seems there are a lot of people not happy this morning.

mz. em

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