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Food Bank Day
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"I might write four lines or I might write twenty. I subtract and I add until I really hit something. You don't always whittle down, sometimes you whittle up." - Grace Paley

I hate beginning writing this late in the morning - 11:48 a.m. I feel my brain has already cataloged the minutia. Will I find it again or will it appear in an inopportune time? Drat, I wish I could get up in the morning again. But then, if I went to bed earlier I probably could. I can't have one without the other.

Michael got up to go to the food bank. He hates the early morning as much as I do. However, he comes back with some really choice goodies. Raspberries for one thing and sushi!

I made the suggestion that since the provisions at the Wednesday food bank is so sparse and many of the stuff is rotten to begin with; why not skip Wednesday and just do the regular food banks on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then that leaves us, the fourth Tuesday of the month and the Salvation Army food banks to do. He seemed to like that idea.

I hate food bank days because of the hour I get up and get there. This is so I get a better place in line. Also, I do not write before I go. I do not even take time to put on make up. I would willingly give up the make up so I could write the hour prior to leaving. But do I get up, nooooo.

Maybe I have to get my mind wrapped around that on those days I will write later in the day. I will remember what I need to write to dump the memory banks. The goal is to write an hour a day. Preferably in the morning but whenever I make the time to write. Just show up!

Today's writing prompt:

Word Game: what word do I want to write about? Poop.

Poop is such a good word. I like it better than shit, stool, shat, shite, tootsie rolls, and such. My other preference would be bowel movement otherwise known as a bm. This comes from Aunt Lish.

Pooping is a natural bodily function. I do not know what all the hoopla is about and why it makes folks blush when talking about poop. All I know too soft - loose - or too hard is not comfortable. I like that nice in between state, there is a heaven in a good poop.

What I find hard to believe is that dogs will eat horse poop. I wonder what is in the material that they find they need.

The other thing is that I remember that the Indians would burn buffalo dung in their fire. I guess it would be like charcoal. Although, I wonder what the odor would be like.

I know some people doing vandalism use soft poop to smear on the walls or on someone or as in churches on the altar. That I feel is really vulgar and totally uncalled for. As a punishment, I feel poop should be spread on them and see how they like it. Maybe it has already been done.

Oprah Winfrey had a young man on her show. He was held captive in a small closet, wrapped up in lawn fencing and secured by a chain. He had had poop smeared on him. The horror of it was he was only five years old. Those parents should never have had children. Luckily, he grew up to be a fine young man. On the show, he was reunited with the police officer who got him out and interviewed him as to what had happened to him.

I know that some people put poop in a bag. They place the bag on the front door step of someone’s home and light it on fire. I do not know what the point of this is but I gather it is not pleasant for the recipient.

Pooping is natural
Like your hair grows
And your lungs expand for breath.
Poop may be natural but
No one likes a poop.

Oh well, just a whimsy.

I cannot think of much else to write about. Poop was a good word to begin with.

mz. em

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-- "All My Life: A Memoir" - Susan Lucci with Laura Morton

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