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A Busy Day
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“The past is not only that which happened but also that which could have happened but did not.” – Tess Gallagher

It has been a strange morning so far.

We were up and out of the house by 6:30 a.m. to go to the King’s Cupboard food bank. We arrived about 6:35 a.m. Michael pulled up and I exited the truck to put our bags down in front of the door. E was all ready there and he was first in line. I returned to the truck and got the second bag to put with the others.

When I went to return, a small sub-compact car pulled in to where I was and as though to hit me. The driver backed up into a space and parked the car. He got out of his car and came aggressively towards me. He was aggressive in his bodily actions. The first words out of his mouth were asking me if I was the person who had come up to his friend's apartment door and knocked around 12:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. I responded that I had been the one.

He went into a tirade that the woman living there had had some bad experiences and was fearful of answering the door. So, don’t knock on the door any more. They do not want contact with the neighbors, they want to be left alone and no, they did not want to participate in the community watch.

During all of this, I injected twice that the reason I had knocked upon the door was for the community watch. That we had had problems before with druggies and we wanted no more trouble. Plus, we did watch out for one another and when we heard things that didn’t sound right, we investigated.

During his tirade, he pounded his right fist into the palm of his left hand. He settled down a notch when Michael joined us. Michael identified himself to Don and I introduced myself. We all shook hands. Don had trouble making eye contact with Michael but he did look me in the eye a few times. I noticed that his pupils were very dilated. I would have to say he was definitely tweaking.

E asked me what the deal was because Don was right on our ass when we pulled into the parking lot. E says he knows the guy from somewhere but at the moment, he could not remember. From E’s musings, I gathered Don is a problem. Duh!

While, E, M, and I were talking I also brought up the issue of someone (E) had been slamming Michael. Michael had apparently cut in line at the food bank at the Vet’s Hall in Morro Bay. E quickly spoke up and said it was the little old Mexican lady that is always there. Nothing more was said and I hope my point was put across that I did not appreciate Michael being slammed.

Anyway, we got our provisions. The extra today was that us gals could go through the clothes at the end of the hall. M found me a dress, I found a velvet vest, and C found me a burgundy long-sleeved sweater. Now, I hope everything fits.

Once home, we took care of our provisions. Went over and talked to Mr. T about what had happened this morning. He called his wife to tell her to stay away from the people in apartment one. Meanwhile, Michael called the sheriff and alerted them to what had happened.

The sheriff’s advice was to leave the people alone and not to interact with them unless they made the first move. I do not feel I would interact with them even if they did make the first contact.

I talked with E, who is in apartment two, and she said she heard the gal calling her male friend to tell him someone had been knocking on the door. So this is what precipitated the encounter this morning. I do not know why he just did not come over last night and say something.

This is all very weird.

The sun is out. The hummingbirds have been to the feeder. At one point, I saw two of them using the feeder at the same time.

While outside, I put out bread crumbs for the birds. I transplanted the flowers Mr. T gifted me and I transplanted the two little green plants I found in my garden. I put those two in one of the colorful bowls that was cracked.

mz. em

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