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"What counts is what one wants to do, and not what one does." - Pablo Picasso

Well I did not finish my pages yesterday nor did I write about lies. Today's prompt is about wishes.

I wish I felt better
I wish I did not have diarrhea
I wish I could get my site on WordPress to work
I wish WordPress was more user-friendly
I wish folks could be nicer to one another
I wish I had more energy
I wish I could get excited about exercising again
I wish I could get energized to work on the sanctuary
I wish I could have been a ballerina
I wish I could remember how to play the piano and guitar
I wish I could remember how to play the harmonica

That is enough for now.

I got in touch with Bex at Thoughts from Crow Cottage. She was excited to hear from me. She said that WordPress got to be too much for her and she now has a site at JournalScape. I went over there and created my Words-of-Mine site. I have uploaded one entry. Yea!!!!

JournalScape is a very easy site and easy to use. I still feel like a newby from where I was back in 2009. However, I am up and have linked to a couple of other sites. The other thing about JS is that they have a sign up section right on the page. So, I will not have to send out to individual people or go to somewhere else to notify people of a new entry. I like this application very much.

I feel very low and no energy today. That said, I did have energy to check both of my e-mails and create the new website. I cannot believe I spent most of the morning doing that.

I have been reading too and taking care of Bailey. Bailey is sleeping in Michael's chair in the dining room while I write this. His normal chair has been taken over by Michael. This is because of creating a lap top section on the dining room table.

My computer still does not want to hook up to the Internet. This means I am using Michael's lap top. This is a great thing but I have to save all that I want to upload to my memory stick. I will be glad once my computer is working as I like my lap top better than Michael's. But I must not complain, at least we are on the World Wide Web!!!!!

I wonder if the encounter with the friend of our newest neighbor is affecting me. It was very strange because while I was at the laundry mat, he and the neighbor came into the laundry mat and made the circuit of the facilities and left. I am sure he recognized my black hat and green scarf. As the sheriff person advised, I did not acknowledge them at all. I am not sure if either one of them wanted to interact with me, I would come forth.

I am really weirded out by how messy the apartment has become. I keep picking up black holes but then another takes their place.

I really have no energy at all.

I am really surprised I am writing here at all.

How can I expect to write daily at a blog when I have such troubles writing my morning pages? I mean, I do not even finish three pages. Most of it is just blather.

It also bothers me that I intentionally deleted my Diaryland pages from my computer. I have been slowly copying from Diaryland to my hard drive to recreate those pages. I really would like to archive those pages onto whatever site I end up. There is a lot of history in those pages.

Yesterday's prompt was about telling lies. I did not write about that. At this point in my life, I very rarely tell a lie. It is not worth it; but, I found myself when dealing with a former neighbor last week at the grocery store and I was telling all sorts of lies.

Plus, the case in point about lying, this former neighbor wanted me to call her this week. I kept making all kinds of excuses. I do not know why I could not tell her no, I did not want to call her. I really have nothing to say to her. Plus, as Michael says, I am not a very good liar. So, I am just not going to call her.

Today, while I was at the dining room table I noticed that we had two blue jays coming to partake of the suet I have out on the fence. I will have to purchase another block come next month. Plus, get some bird seed. When I talked with R at the hardware store he suggested a seed sock. The small birds can grasp the material of the sock and peck out the seed as they want. I wonder if the blue jays will go after this as well. I may scatter seed on the patio and see what happens.

Yesterday, I transplanted the flowers that Mr. T gifted me. I also transplanted the two green plants that have flat pointed leaves. I hope the two groupings will prosper out there. So far, my potted plants have held up to my administrations.

We have made progress on the community watch meeting. We have about 12 people who are interested in the program. Michael called around to the banks, community center and a local church. The church was very agreeable and the minister is waiving the donation fee. This is good, now all Michael has to do is call everyone and tell them when and where the meeting is. Yippee, we are getting closer.

My eyes have been bothering me. I wonder what this is all about. I am having a hard time reading with my glasses on. I am beginning to leave them off when I read. I do not know if they need to be readjusted or there is something going on with my eyes. Gosh, if it is not one thing it is another. I am tired of all of this "stuff."

mz. em

Currently Reading: "Blood Promise: A Vampire Academy novel" - Richelle Mead

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