No matter what the day brings, deep down I know it really is a good day because I have the man of my dreams, a kitty who loves me, a roof over my head and I live in paradise.

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I Wonder
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"The kind of imagination I use in writing, when I try to lose control of consciousness, works very much like dreams." - Amy Tan

Here it is evening all ready and I have not written a bit. Only to respond to e-mail is what I have written. I have not written in my hard copy journal. What is up with this I wonder?

I wonder no more. There was a change in my daily schedule today. I was up at 5 a.m. with Michael to go to the food bank in Morro Bay. Oh joy! It is still dark out; it is very misty, and foggy. On our way on South Bay Boulevard we see a deer as she crosses the road. Luckily for her and us Michael was driving carefully.

We are at the Vet's Hall at 5:30 a.m. I am glad Michael made us tea this morning. I am back to my old favorite, Good Earth, caffeine free, Original. With two teaspoonfuls of honey I am a happy girl. Of course, not long after finishing my cup, my bladder lets me know I need to use the little girls' room. Once Michael has received our number in line, he drives me over to the Rock so I can use the facilities there at the beach. Boy, oh boy, that stainless steel seat sure is a surprise.

As the sun comes up the fog and mist abate. While we wait until it is time to collect our provisions, we both have our noses in reading material. Michael is reading a free weekly paper and I am closing fast on the last pages of "Blood Promise - A Vampire Academy Novel" by Richelle Mead. I am surprised by Mead's writing. With each book, - there are six of them - I am on number four; and it seems to take awhile for me to get into the book. She does a prologue to summarize the end of the last book and to bring you up to speed on where this book is going. So far, I am pleasantly surprised by the book's end and I am ready to read the next one. I have fewer than 100 pages to go and I do hope I finish it tonight. But, we will see, since I have other things to do before the night is over.

Oh a bit of bad news, on our return home from Morro Bay, we saw the deer that crossed our path earlier on the side of the road having been hit by a vehicle. I was saddened by this. She was so beautiful. A side of life I have to accept when I choose to live in a somewhat rural area.

Let's see, I checked all of my e-mail accounts and thought about writing. No, not now, before the day gets away from me, I have a quick bite to eat - watermelon and jicama. Then I basket up the two loads of wash to do and Michael drives me over to the laundry mat. The only thing, well two things good about the laundry mat are these:

1. I get clean clothes out of the deal; and
2. I have uninterrupted time to read my book of the moment.

Well, almost uninterrupted, since I like to people watch. Plus, my anxiety level goes up when the laundry mat fills up with too many people for me. Michael is the good guy, what a great husband, I call him up and he comes to the laundry mat and assists me in folding clothes. This helps me and helps to keep my anxiety at minimum level.

Once home, clothes baskets are in the bedroom and I say lets eat! Jicama and watermelon are good but they do not have as much lasting energy as I would like. From the food bank we received a tri-tip wrap and a Thai wrap. Michael cut these in two so we have half of each. Both were pretty good even if they were on their last day to sell. I believe these came from Trader Joe's for those of you who have those stores in your area. I cannot say that any of the food we have gotten from TJ's has been very good.

I was still hungry so Michael prepared the next delectable tidbit, sushi. Yes, we even get sushi at the food bank once in a while. This did the trick for my stomach. By then both of us were feeling the effect of early rising, laundry doing and food. We decided to take an hour nap. Oh my, did that hour go fast. I am not sure I even closed my eyes but I do feel refreshed. Bailey was not sure about the fact we were both lying on the bed at that hour of the day. He came and bumped noses with us and licked my nose. A sign of affection I guess or I have flavor. Anyway, when he saw we were not getting up he jumped down from the bed and entertained himself.

I forgot, prior to taking our nap I got busy again and rinsed off all the blue berries and raspberries we received and prepared them for freezing. With as much fruit as we are receiving now, I do not want to waste any of it. So, I freeze the fruit and then make smoothies, eat as a finger food or put some in yogurt. Last night I had yogurt, fruit and a handful of Rice Chex. The yogurt is plain yogurt and to add a little more sweetness I put in a teaspoonful of organic honey that is produced here in our area. Oh yes, it was heavenly and lasted through one whole television program. No, I did not make up that much food. It was a cup of yogurt, a cup of fruit, the handful of Chex and the honey. A nice little amount if you ask me. To say the least I was a happy little camper.

Michael prepared us dinner tonight. We had a HUGE hoagie sandwich from the food bank. It came with its own condiments. Plus, Michael added lettuce, homemade mustard (from the Marvelous Mz. M), and hot chili peppers. I am not sure which ones but they did have a bit of a bite to them. I ate my half - bad girl, bad girl - and two small glasses of milk. I do not know that I will have dessert tonight.

While Michael and I were hanging up our clean clothes tonight, Bailey decided to take a ride in the small foot tub. I had it sitting in my closet. When I am not using it for pedicures, I use it to move around hand washables. He was so cute, I would have gone for a photo but my cell phone does not have a flash and so I have found out that pictures come out very dark unless there is a lot of light available.

mz. em

Currently Reading: "Blood Promise: A Vampire Academy novel" - Richelle Mead

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