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A Pain in the Morning
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"The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible" - Oscar Wilde

I felt so bad last night that I took my muscle relaxing medication and was in bed before 9 p.m.

For once I was awake before Bailey this morning. I still had the tingling sensation in my left pinkie finger which ran up my arm and down the left side of my body and into the left side of my left foot. Emotionally I feel better but that was it. I do not know what is going on with me except a pinched nerve.

Today is a walking day. Perhaps walking will make me feel physically better. While walking over to the community center to get my number for the food bank, it occurred to me I could use my acupressure balls to work the muscles on each side of my spine.

While waiting to get our number, I chatted with my friends but I felt tired and the tingling feeling is not going away. I will take more medication when I return home.

When I was standing in line this morning I felt this presence around me. I did not even make a quarter turn around and I was looking at the nose of the woman behind me. She was so close to me, "how close was she?" She was so close that a normal-sized person could not have squeezed between us. I said hi and she responded the same. I took a step forward but kept my back foot in place in an attempt to create space between us. I think she got the point because she did not come close again as I made my progression to the front of the line.

This lady was very weird. Do not ask me why I felt this way but I did. As I made my way to home, I found her following me. I turned off to take the longer way to the apartment and she kept walking up Los Osos Valley Road (LOVR). Thank heavens, I did not want to have to confront here. I took the short version of the long way home because I did not feel good. But at least I got some physical activity in today. Yea!!!

The weather is again beautiful today. The skies are clear and it is already quite warm out even at 6:30 a.m. Another wonderful day in paradise.

Michael got up when I arrived home. I found my acupressure balls in the closet in the catch-all room and went to use them in the hallway. What I experienced was pure discomfort. My, oh my, my muscles are sore. I worked the balls up along my spine from my tailbone to my neck. Around the middle of my back I felt some popping going on and the prickly feeling has lessened.

I feel another reason I felt so bad yesterday was I had forgotten to have breakfast and lunch. Not a good thing for me so for breakfast, I had a cup of plain yogurt, a cup of frozen blueberries and a handful of Honey Nut Cheerios. This was pretty good and gave me some energy to finish out my morning. With this diabetes thing going on, I am still figuring out how to eat.

Back to the community center, this is when I like having Michael come with me. People tend to crowd in and I get claustrophobic. Everyone has a number but it is always the folks with the highest numbers that crowd to the front. So, Michael creates a space for me.

For a change we had some variety today in our provisions. Except that when we arrived home and begun to unpack, we found a carton of spoiled figs, the containers of strawberries were mostly moldy and the container of raspberries had decomposed. Stuff like this is an aggravation. Sometimes, we feel like they use us as their garbage can.

Michael sorted through the containers of strawberries and prepared them for freezing. Yum, these are going to taste good in my smoothies or yogurt.

While Michael worked in the kitchen, I wrote our notification letter to the housing authority. Living in Section 8 housing is nice but it can be annoying since they want to be advised any time we have financial assistance. So far we have advised them of our qualifying for food stamps and now we are giving notice that we are eligible for the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). HEAP is going to assist us with the electric bill for the next few of months. The housing authority will consider this income I am sure. I have a feeling we will receive a notice back that they will do nothing at this point. However, at the end of year when we have our financial review that is when we will get an increase in rent. Oh well, I guess nothing is for free.

Okay, I took a break just now. At 12:30 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time, a cooking show comes on the public television channel titled Simply Ming The chef is Ming Tsai. Ming usually picks two ingredients to work with; today's choices were garlic flavored chives and Greek yogurt. The leaves of the chive plant were used as wraps for deep fried shrimp and also used chopped and stirred into the yogurt to make as a sour cream for a meat taco. I liked the fact that since I am going to make pita bread chips; he made some for the show today so now I do not have to look for my recipe.

As some of you may know, All My Children the ABC daytime soap opera aired its last episode last Friday. Granted I have not been able to watch the show in two or more years but still when I could watch it I did. Since I only get the NBC channel, I have been trying to get interested in Days of Our Lives (DOOL). So far, me and the show have not been a match. I guess my soap operas have turned into cooking shows. LOL.

Today, I found that with the change of the Oprah show going off the air, all the other shows such as Nate Burkus and the Ellen DeGeneres have been moved forward an hour. This means that DOOL is now shown at 1 p.m. instead of noon. I attempted to watch DOOL today and did pretty well until the muscle medication took over and I fell asleep. I am going on-line and check the daily summations to see if I can pick up on today's story line. Michael hates soaps but I like them. So, get used to it Michael, I got to have my soaps! Hehehe.

The day has been warm and sunny. The hummingbirds, when they are not diving bombing each other, have been drinking at the feeder. It has been two weeks now since I put up a new bottle of sugar water and the level has diminished quite a bit. I also put in less food coloring. I want to get away from putting the coloring in. If the red food coloring is not good for us, I do not feel it is good for the birds. The base of the feeder is red with the ports surrounded by yellow flower-like plastic petals. I would think this is enough to keep the little birds coming back.

Since the jays have taken over the suet feeder, I am attempting to get the other smaller birds in with seeds. Although, I have not seen any other birds, other than the jays, partaking of the bread crumbs or the seeds I have put out, I am going to invest in a sock feeder. My guy at the hardware store said these usually work and once I have the sock, I can just buy feed to refill it. This feeder I shall place in the fir tree in the front yard. With my luck, the jays will find that and figure out how to get the seeds out.

While I was attempting to watch DOOL, I fell asleep in my chair. The medication was working on me but I had my neck in what ended up being an uncomfortable position and when I awoke, I had a pain in the neck. Ouch! Since I have been moving around, the muscles have loosened up and my neck no longer pains me. My two fingers on my left hand still feel prickly so I still need to stretch my spine on my exercise ball.

I began a new daily inspiration book on art. The title is "The Dailey Book of Art/356 readings that teach, inspire & entertain." For day two, the questions asked were:

-- "We constantly perceive the world through our five senses. Why do we like some sensations more than others?"

I feel this is a hard question since it would seem that there would be a different answer for each person who answered the question. To me, I am attuned to color, spatial placement and the focus of the artwork.

-- "How might the study of aesthetics affect our experience of art?"

How to respond to this question? I feel I would need to have more education concerning art to give a proper answer.

I would be interested in any response from my readers as to their answers to these questions. May I also place your reply on my bloc? If you would rather not, e-mail me personally will be equally acceptable.

I guess I had better call it quits and go clean up the kitchen. I want Michael to be able to cook tonight.

mz. em
Currently reading:
"Charade" - Sandra Brown
"The Daily Book of Art/356 readings that teach, inspire & entertain"

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