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I Feel a Habit Coming On
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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein

Tea of the morning: Eleven O'clock, caffeine free, Rooibosch, organic; rooibosch is the redbush (?) and the Latin name is Aspalathus Linearis

Okay, that is a mouthful for first thing in the morning or me.

Music of the morning: Country western; radio, local station

Okay, I feel a habit is beginning. Today is a "go for a walk" day. I would like to do it when my 6:15 a.m. alarm goes off but I am still too sleepy. But today I wake up a little after 8 a.m. and I feel like I want to go for a walk. I get up and get ready and by 8:17 a.m. I am standing outside of my door locking up. Me and Sir Thomas (walking stick with a face carved in the top of it) head off down the road. I take Wednesday's route but I take the longer version of the path. This route has three inclines; the first two are not so bad (maybe I am getting healthier) but the third one kicks my butt. I had to stop at the top and remove my hoodie because I was so warm. Then for the final stretch of my walk and I am back at my front stoop at 9:44 a.m.

I feel tired but I feel good that I was able to get myself out of bed and walk. Yea!

I stretched my spine on the exercise ball last night. This felt good but I could tell I still have some sore muscles. I also did my neck stretches. I have more movement in the muscles than I did the night before.

Even with all of this, it is another morning of last two fingers on my left hand feeling prickly. Oh, and did I tell you I can feel this in my wrist up into the inside of my elbow? I noticed last night that I was having trouble with my left thumb. This is the one that I injured when I attempted the Flying Tiger Kick in my kitchen in the Henrietta house. Instead of landing perfectly like I saw in my head, I landed on my left hand to stop my downward fall and onto my bottom on the kitchen floor. This was in front of Michael and Spike. Both of them had their eyes wide open in an "oh my" look and their jaws on the floor.

Both came over to inspect me; Spike meowing and Michael asking me if I was okay. No I was not okay. I was mortified and I hurt. If I remember correctly I think I also knocked the air out of me. Michael ventured to help me up but I said no.

I had to do this in my own way which was to roll over onto my hands and knees and get up from this position. I had a lot of pain at my tailbone. Oh boy, do I feel foolish. After a few days, I go to the doctor. Which she asked me, "Do you know martial arts?"

I reply, "No I don't. But I imagined the kick in my head and visualized my landing and I did it perfectly."

The doctor rolled her eyes and ordered up an x-ray for me. The x-ray showed I had fractured my sacrum (the triangle bone just above the coccyx). It was a nice clean break along the widest part of the bone. Because of where this break is, there is nothing the doctor can do except tell me to take it easy and bed rest. So, I am home for two to three weeks.

Okay, back to my thumb. When I landed on my thumb I had jarred it some. The doctor thinks now I have arthritis in that joint which is why it bothers me. Just because you age does not mean you become wiser.

The last two days have been overcast in the burgh. The meteorologist is calling for possible thunderstorms today and possibly tomorrow. In addition there will be rain in general. A little early for rain me thinks but his prediction is that this is a cause from the tropical storm Hillary down in the Pacific by Baja California, Mexico, as it moves its way up the coast. Oh well, my outdoor plants and garden will like the fresh water.

Oh, I checked my one mature tomato and she is ready for picking which I did. I will have her in a sandwich today. Maybe I may skip the sandwich and just have tomato slices with a sprinkle of sea salt. Ah, the first from my crop. I still have two more green tomatoes making an effort to come into this world of mine to be eaten.

The tea is pretty good, still not as good as The Good Earth Original tea I like but it will do.

The music is good as always. I am finding that I like the Zac Brown Band. I liked the one song they did with Allan Jackson about finding the girl of their dreams, being tongue-tied they did not talk to her and she walks out the door. The words are good as well as the melody.

There is nothing on the books today except my Uncle A's 82nd birthday. We had lost touch with each other for a long time. Then out of the blue, my sister, the Amazing Mz. M, called to say she had had a phone call from him and did I want to call him. "Of course," was my response. Uncle A was my childhood sweetheart. Mind you he was 24 years older than me. But I had him promise to wait for me, for when I grew up we would get married. With that age difference you know the ending. This bachelor went and married a woman with five children. How could he? The great thing was they were happy and Uncle A loved her children. Life cannot get any better than this even if he did not wait for me. The children were four girls and one.

Uncle A was one of my Dad's best friends and he lived in Boston, Massachusetts. I loved his Boston accent. It is surprising that after all these years of living in Colorado, he still has the accent. Another fun fact of Uncle A, he could talk like Daffy Duck which was a big hit with me as a youngster.

Uncle A would get a wild hair to come to visit Dad and he would drive up, come by bus or one time he rode is Vespa motorcycle from Boston to Otisfield, Maine. This is not a short trip by any stretch of the imagination.

I tried to ride the Vespa but ended up in the ditch. Thank heavens for weeds and grass and Dad's help to get me out. I never did ride another motorized vehicle until I purchased my Harley-Davidson motorcycle in 1992. I fell over on Ruby a lot of times too before I got the hang of riding. But that is another story; one that has probably been told in the other blogs I have kept.

While I am writing the hummingbirds have come to the feeder. I have seen at least three different ones: there is the drab brown one which I feel is the female, there is the red-headed one, a male perhaps because of the coloring, and the third is a red-throated one.

Now the one blue jay has come to feed at the suet basket. The blues of those feathers are wonderful. Mother Nature is so good to her offspring. I believe this bird is a youngster because of its size. Today he/she is not notifying the world that he/she has come to eat. Most times, there is a wild chirping to notify the neighborhood that they are in the house!

Today, once I finish my computer/Internet work, I hope to tackle the sanctuary. I would like to get all the office goods in the box that has been started. Then empty some of the boxes marked as books and get the boxes out of there. Five goals:

-- Get the books onto the bookshelves.
-- Get the area for my desk cleaned out so I can use the desk.
-- Get my rocking chair put together. Then create my reading area.
-- Clear out enough room so we can attach the mirror to my vanity.
-- Empty more of the boxes. Be willing to gift or throw away stuff.

Lofty goals since I have been working on this room for a year. This does not mean every day-attentiveness. I would work on this room and then stop for awhile. I believe I become overwhelmed by all of my stuff.

mz. em
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-- "Charade" - Sandra Brown
-- "The Daily Book of Art/356 readings that teach, inspire & entertain"

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