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Rugby Anyone?
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"One writes a novel in order to know why one writes. It's the same with life - you live not for some end, but in order to know why you live." - Alberto Moravia

Today's tea: No tea today. I am on water and a cup of iced Coke
Today's music:
-- Brad Paisley - mud on the tires, 2003
-- Brooks & Dunn - The Greatest Hits Collection, 1997

Yesterday while getting ready for the Sunday night football game between the New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens, Michael and I caught part of a game of rugby.

I have heard of rugby but I had never seen it played. I was quite intrigued with the game. To me it is a combination of our football and soccer. It is a very fast game; the ball is constantly on the move from one team to the other.

Then they did what I called the crab push (scrum) which is for one of the teams to get the ball was just too much fun. Apparently during this scrimmage neither team can touch the ball except with their feet. The idea is to get your team over the ball by kicking it through the locked members to the team's back players. When the ball clears the locked players the independent players then grab the ball and run with it. Hence, the pushing back and forth as each team attempts to cover the ball to get it to their free players.

If a player with the ball is tackled, he quickly lets go of it so the ball goes back into play. Hopefully his team member gets the ball and off they go. However, the other team could also get the ball and the play is heading for their end zone.

I found a You Tube flick that explains the whys and wherefores. Go here for a rugby 101 lesson: Rugby Rules For Beginners

I know they have a convert in me. In some ways rugby reminds me of hockey in that the play is fast and you really have to pay attention to what is going on. There is no instant replay at least what I saw. There aren't a gazillion advertisements to watch either.

The other thing I learned but did not see yesterday is that the New Zealand team begins each game with the Maori Haka War Dance.

Oh yeah, if you caught the game last night and just happen to be a Jets' fan, it was a terrible game. The ending score 17 to 34, the Raven's win. Not that the Ravens played any better.

So, now come Monday.

I think I slept well. I got up between 8:30 and 9 a.m., looking outside, there are some clouds. Must not have been much marine layer because the patio is dry. I put out the bread crumbs, water the plants and clean the bird bath. It looks like another day of no rain though the weather people keep saying it's going to rain.

Next comes Bailey's needs. He has been fairly quiet this morning. He did not come out when I was taking care of the plants. Maybe when I sprayed him with water when he went after my plants scared him off from coming outside. This is okay with me as I do not want him to be too comfortable outdoors. I mean, he is an indoor cat.

Yesterday he got on Michael's bad side and is paying the consequences. Bailey plays both of us when it comes to feeding him canned cat food. When Michael did not come into the kitchen but went into the bathroom, Bailey attacked his left foot. Michael went to grab him and Bailey scratched and bit his foot even harder. Michael pushed him across the room. Bailey then attacked Michael's right foot. Okie dokie. Till Michael relents, Bailey will not be getting any food from Michael.

I feed Bailey only when he is not begging food. So far he has not pestered me to feed him. Bailey has also made every effort to sit or lie in Michael's lap when it is available. I think he is trying to make up.

Lately Bailey has been aggressive even with me. He has tackled my ankles when I have not gone into the kitchen. My thoughts are that Bailey is in his teenager stage or the horrible fours? All I know is he can be a little brat.

After writing about my favorite books in yesterday's entry I realize I have created my next group of books to read. I can hardly wait to get started. I may work my favorites in between the books I have in my reading bag. Plus, there are all the books at the library I want to read. Oh so much to read and so little time.

After the druggies were removed from the apartment complex, the rest of us residents decided to look into the Community Watch program. We do not want to go through what we did this last time. Our initial meeting with the sheriff's liaison is this Wednesday. I hope we have a good turn out for this. The empty apartment has not been rented yet and I want the signs and stuff posted so the newcomers will know right from the beginning we will not tolerate inappropriate behavior.

mz. em
Currently reading:
-- "Charade" - Sandra Brown
-- "The Daily Book of Art/356 readings that teach, inspire & entertain" - day 7

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